Could not access the specified channel or stream key

I was up early this morning and decided to stream some Call of Duty but immediately was hit with a bunch of errors from Streamlabs OBS. This was unusual as it normally operates fairly well! My first issue came without an error message. I got everything setup but when I clicked on the Go Live button everything seemed like I was going live, even the tab changed to “live” but the Go Live button was still green and it was obvious that I wasn’t streaming.

I immediately went to the stream options and verified that I had the proper Restream RTMP server and stream key imported under SETTINGS | STREAM…. In the event the settings were no longer correct.

Everything looked good, but I decided to reset my stream key just in case. Now when I click the Go Live button I’m presented with an error:

Could not access the specified channel or stream key

Just eliminating some easy troubleshooting steps, I went ahead and restarted my computer and retried Streamlabs OBS but was presented with the same thing. The next logical thing I could thing of since most of my user data and settings are saved in the cloud is to log out and log back in… and that fixed it! I went back in and verified my settings and everything was good to go.