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VMware Photon on vCloud Air

Tonight I wanted to provision one of VMware’s newest open source projects on . Photon is a minimal Linux container host OS. It is designed to have a small footprint and boot extremely fast on VMware platforms. Photon is optimized for vSphere and validated on VMware product and provider platforms. Photon supports the following container […]

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VMware VDP Advanced 5.5 “Unable to find this VDP in the vCenter inventory”

A quick troubleshooting blog… I recently came across this error when deploying the VMware VDP appliance: “Unable to find this VDP in the vCenter inventory” I took a look a look at the following log file on the VDP appliance: /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/vami-ovf.log The following entries were present: [info] [process id: 4062] Hostname property is not present, […]

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