VxRack Nodes

I’ve been asked quite a bit lately on VxRack node types and options so I wanted to go over what is available and some of the options. First lets start off with the VxRack 1000 Flex options. At a high level there are 3 vxrack node types that can be configured in a VxRack solution; Dense Compute, Dense Storage, and a Storage only node.  Each of these nodes have a couple variations in order to properly size and accommodate various workloads.

VxRack Node Types 1000 FlexVxRack Node: Dense Compute

vxrack node dense compute

VxRack Node: Dense Storage

vxrack dense storage node


VMware’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure Appliance: EVO Rail

evo rail


At VMworld 2014 this year, a new hyperconverged infrastructure appliance emerged. This appliance brings together storage, networking and compute for an easy to manage IT infrastructure. A simple and powerful appliance taking a large step in the SDDC direction. When you no longer have to manage hardware, you can focus more on applications and data.

I put together this page as a central point for as much EVO information that I can find. Let me know if you find something else you would like me to add to this page, and I will continue to add information as I find it.

Official Product Page: http://www.vmware.com/products/evorail

EVO Rail Datasheet



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Project “MARVIN” stands for: Modular Automated Rackable Virtual Infrastructure Node.