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  • VxRack Nodes

    VxRack Nodes

    I’ve been asked quite a bit lately on VxRack node types and options so I wanted to go over what is available and some of the options. First lets start off with the VxRack 1000 Flex options. At a high level there are 3 vxrack node types that can be configured in a VxRack solution;…



    Incase you missed the EMC VSPEX BLUE announcement earlier today, you can still access the launch presentation here. The VSPEX BLUE offering is a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that integrates VMware’s EVO: Rail software stack with EMC’s management software. In  keeping with the EVO:Rail reference architecture, each VSPEX Blue appliance has four server nodes in a 2U rackmount…

  • EMC Avamar SSL Cert Generation

    EMC Avamar SSL Cert Generation

    After completing a successful root to root Avamar migration I noticed that the old SSL certs were still being used. Through some digging I finally found a very simple and easy command to update it. The gen-ssl-cert command installs a temporary Apache web server SSL cert and restarts the web server. gen-ssl-cert [–debug] [–help] [–verbose] Note: You…

  • The Coolest Storage: EMC vFridge

    The Coolest Storage: EMC vFridge

    If you went to EMCworld last year and watched Brian Gallagher’s keynote on Transforming Enterprise Storage to Create Business Value, you were one of the many that got a sneak peak of the prototype of the EMC vFridge. (If you didn’t watch it, here it is… skip to 38 minutes in) Watch on youtube The vFridge was…

  • XtremIO Interface Deep Dive

    XtremIO Interface Deep Dive

    Miroslav Klivansky from the XtremIO Technical Marketing team gives a guided tour through the XtremIO GUI and shows how simple the array is to use as well as its  powerful monitoring capabilities.

  • EMC World 2013 Blueprints and Recap

    EMC World 2013 Blueprints and Recap

    I’ll be typing up all of my notes from EMC World later today but for now here is a nice visual look back on the EMC Blueprints incase you missed anything. Softwared-Defined Storage In the software-defined data center of tomorrow, horizontal infrastructure management – not vertical – is the way of the future. Open, horizontal…

  • EMC and PSY Gangnam Style ?
  • Reference Architecture Design for 5000 Seat Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Great Citrix XenDesktop, Cisco UCS, and EMC VNX solution overview for deploying 5000 virtual desktops. Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack Built on Cisco Unified ComputingSystem and EMX VNX LINK: Reference Architecture-Based Design for 5000 Seat Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cisco Unified Computing System, Nexus 5500, Nexus 1000V, EMC VNX7500, and VMware ESXi 5

  • Avamar Backup of a Windows VM fails with the error: Protocol error from VMX

    Recently on a new install of Avamar version 6.1; I had a VMware Image based backup fail with error 10007. Upon further investigation of the backup job log I noticed that the snapshot failed with: A general system error occured: Protocol error from VMX. This is a good example of two very vague errors on…

  • The New #EMC #Networker

    The New #EMC #Networker

    Today EMC is announcing the new Networker 8 via a webcast, so I decided that I will be blogging about it as I watch it so I’ll be posting some highlights and new features as I go ! It is Networker’s 22nd Anniversary and for the announcement EMC has done a racing themed webcast that…