EMC World 2016 BioHack Hangover

EMC World Biohacks for Hangovers

As we get ready for EMC World 2016 we are already anticipating long days of sessions and networking as well as long nights of social events and just vegas in general. I was recently listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast on he survived the SXSW conference and it appeared very relevant to a week at EMC […]
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EMC Software Defined Storage EMCBLUEPRINTS

EMC World 2013 Blueprints and Recap

I’ll be typing up all of my notes from EMC World later today but for now here is a nice visual look back on the EMC Blueprints incase you missed anything. Softwared-Defined Storage In the software-defined data center of tomorrow, horizontal infrastructure management – not vertical – is the way of the future. Open, horizontal […]
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