Retractable buttons on a flatscreen ?

I just got done checking out the video below and I am very impressed. If this works well it will be a game changer. I remember living off of my Blackberry Curve and typing faster on that mini keyboard than I could on my laptop, and then purchasing an iPhone 3G. I had the hardest time adapting to that new keyboard that had no feeling to it. Now I am seeing an amazing combination of both worlds ! I will be one of the first to try this out. Very Cool !

The technology for this tactile layer panel is based on “microfluidics” — beneath the surface of a fairly ordinary-looking touchscreen are a number of channels that can be arranged in any pattern a manufacturer desires, and a small reservoir of fluid (a special type of oil that allows the channels to be invisible, for the most part). To form the shapes of the keys, a tiny amount of fluid is pumped through the channels, which raises a deformable membrane covering the surface of the touchscreen.


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