Quick ChatGPT SEO Playbook Guide

When looking to be relevant in your particular niche, it takes more than a couple blog articles to rise to the top. Here are some quick ChatGPT prompts you can use to improve your rank.

help me come up with a topical map for my blog that has the best chance of helping me rank for long tail keywords that are specific to my keyword "YOURKEYWORD" and give each a clickbait style title. Provide a list of 50 titles, and prioritize transactional intent topics. next to each title, add the best longtail keyword phrase that title should be targeting. Do not duplicate keyword phrases.

Next you will want to write an article about that keyword:

Now create an outline for an article titled "YOURTITLE". Write it as an experienced cosmetic surgeon specializing in men's procedures, and write it for men over the age of 50. 

The above example was used for cosmetic surgeons. You want to make sure ChatGPT is writing from the perspective of the expert you are writing about. Once you have the outline you want, then have ChatGPT write an article about the topic.

Now write the article in a casual, helpful tone, (or in Alex Hormozi/Oprah style) and insert personal anecdotes if they help illustrate a point. Include H2s and H3s as needed, and expand on key points or add more if needed to hit at least 1000 words. 

Now you will want to focus on the title for maximum clicks.

create 10 click-bait style titles for the article. All titles generated must be optimized for keyword phrase "YOURKEYWORDPHRASE"

Once you have your new title and have personalized the content a bit with your own personal insights (DON’T JUST USE CHATGPT’s OUTPUT) you should paste the whole article back into ChatGPT for one last pass in order to optimize for your keyword.

is the following article optimized for the keyword phrase "YOURKEYWORD"? If so, just tell me it's ok. If not, make it optimized with minimal rewriting. Put your changes in bold. Here is the article: 

You should be all set now! 🙂 If you have any sales pages, you may want to spruce them up a bit and here is how…

Is this page optimized for the search term "YOURSEARCHTERM"? Does it include enough semantically related terms to be thorough? If so, just tell me it's good. If not, add what needs to be added to be fully optimized, but make sure it reads naturally and makes perfect sense. Use bold text on all new content and keywords you add. Here's the content:  

then to sweeten the page a bit more…

lets add an extra keyword-rich section at the bottom. Make it benefit-driven, and read naturally. 

Once the new text is returned. Make sure to do 1 last check:

is the new page with the changes and the extra section now fully optimized for the term "YOURTERMHERE"?


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