NDMP SnapSure file system creation fails

I was setting up an NDMP accelerator node today to back up a new VNX and came across this error message when trying to backup a test volume for the first time:

Errors and Exceptions

2013-02-13 11:25:19 avndmp Error : [snapup-/NDMP_Test] NDMP: SnapSure file system creation fails (Log #2) 2013-02-13 11:25:19 avndmp Error :

[ndmp2avtar-/NDMP_Test/] Problem reading 65536 bytes from NDMP stream socket, at stream position 0: code 104: Connection reset by peer (Log #2) 2013-02-13

11:25:34 avtar FATAL : Backup aborted due to earlier errors. No backup created on the server. (Log #1) 2013-02-13 11:25:35 avndmp Error :

[snapup-/NDMP_Test] Backup for target /NDMP_Test had errors. (Log #2)

After I double checked that everything was setup correctly on both the NDMP Accelerator node and on the VNX, I decided to simply create a manual snapshot on the VNX first and see if I would run into trouble. The snapshot completed without an issue. I went ahead and just reran the backup and it ran successfully. I guess the VNX just needed a little manual intervention.


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