Xbox Elite Controller

Announced today at #XboxE3 was a couple pieces of good news and one I have mixed feelings about. First lets get onto the good stuff !!! The first and probably the best news by far is the fact that Xbox One will now have backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games ! I can’t stress how much this stressed me out when I first found out that my collection of games was now useless. Now Microsoft has come back and totally redeemed themselves !!!

Today a new multiplayer mode for Halo 5: Guardians was also announced called “Warzone” which will have up to 24 players competing in maps that are up to 4 times the size of legacy halo maps. Halo was the game that originally drew me to Xbox, but I was later drawn to the competitive world of Call of Duty. These new announcements might just draw me back.

So back in January I purchased a custom gaming controller from a small company called Scuf Gaming. (read about it here)  and it was great! I had a controller fully customized to my gameplay and also joined a small elite force of gamers that took esports to the next level. With today’s announcement of the Xbox Elite Controller, I’m kind of bummed that everything special from my own custom controller will now be mass produced and easily accessible to anyone with an Xbox. While I enjoy a level playing field, the competitive side of me likes to always have a leg up. So while I’m a bit bummed that I thought I had a great piece of hardware, I was also part of some great gaming pioneers. Now we can all compete on the same level with the same hardware. Let people’s skill really shine through. I wonder if professional esports will ever test for nootropics such as AlphaBrain ? Maybe that will be the next video game steroid, what do you think ?

Xbox Elite Controller  


Unboxing my Custom Scuf One Xbox Gaming Controller

I’ve been gaming for quite awhile and am very competitive in nature, so naturally I’m always looking for ways to enhance my competitive game play. I mostly play first person shooters and even more specific, I have invested much of my time into the Call of Duty franchise. With that said, the first step into gaining a competitive edge is to invest into a good controller. I did some research and noticed that most of the professional gamers are using custom controllers built by Scuf Gaming.  The two main reasons I was drawn to the Scuf One was the fact that they have incorporated “paddles” onto the controller and that they also have adjustable triggers.

The paddles were an immediate hit in my mind as I was constantly taking my thumb off of my aiming thumb stick in order to jump or go prone in Call of Duty. By keeping my aim while being able to jump simultaneously meant that I never had to lose my target to jump or go prone. Much better response time and more accurate aiming.

I also raised an eyebrow when I saw that you can adjust the triggers so that you no longer had to press them all the way in to aim or to fire a weapon. Again, a much faster reaction time and a lower latency in firing is instantly achieved.

Below are pictures of my custom Scuf One that I created for online FPS gaming:

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