The NEW Internet Explorer

As someone who grew up in the 90’s this is a great commercial for microsoft to introduce the new Internet Explorer. I’m really liking the new look and feel of IE and even though I am a multi browser user I still typically spend most of my time on IE. I think with Microsoft’s lastest release of IE 10 and windows 8 we will start to see a jump in IE users.

browser wars over last 2 years
browser wars over last 2 years

DNS name does not exist Error Code 0x8007232B – Windows 8 Enterprise

I just installed my first GA instance of Microsoft Windows 8 in my lab, and I’m fairly impressed so far. I did however run into an issue where Windows would not activate. When I tried to activate I received the following error: DNS name does not exist Error Code: 0x8007232B

It appears that windows was looking for (by default) a Key Management Service (KMS) host on my internal lab network. Since my lab is merely a testing ground, I have not setup the KMS on any server.  So the solution in this scenario is to change the product key to a Multiple Activation Key (MAK).