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  • EMC ICSEA Isilon Certified

    EMC ICSEA Isilon Certified

    Posting up the next certification as I’m now completed with 2 of 3 of my goal for the month. Didnt seem like there was too much difference on the training between the ICSEA and the ICSA, but I’m going to assume the technical certifications will be much different. I’m not one to hang up physical…

  • Isilon Certified Sales Associate

    Isilon Certified Sales Associate

    Well its official, I’ve completed step 1 of 3 in my Isilon certification adventure. So I’m going to hang this up on my blog wall and I’ll be making room for the next couple here shortly.

  • Isilon Training

    I’m going through Isilon certification courses today as well as joining a training class this morning. Starting to take a plunge into big data best practices. I’m also overhauling this website so please excuse the dust 😉