Creating a new VM in vCloud Director

I just recently stumbled upon a new Youtube user called EMCProvenSolutions Looks like guys from EMC Ireland have put together a couple really good video series mostly on VMware and some replication methodologies. Go check them out. I love the Irish narration.

New Symantec Video on Source based Dedupe

When it comes to deduplicating your data, a smarter approach is to dedupe at the source. Why wait until all that data gets to storage to dedupe it? There is a better way. In this video see how we to find a better way to use Mini Coopers as an analogy for data storage. Symantec BackupExec and NetBackup with Dedupe Everywhere eliminate the need for expensive “dedupe” storage by performing dedupe as part of the backup process. Don’t traverse your network with large volumes of data before deduplication occurs. Dedupe Everywhere: on the client, on the media server, on appliances, and for virtual machines.