Avamar Backup of a Windows VM fails with the error: Protocol error from VMX

Recently on a new install of Avamar version 6.1; I had a VMware Image based backup fail with error 10007. Upon further investigation of the backup job log I noticed that the snapshot failed with: A general system error occured: Protocol error from VMX. This is a good example of two very vague errors on both the backup system and the virtual infrastructure. So to further investigate we needed to look deeper into the vmware.log file…

DNS name does not exist Error Code 0x8007232B – Windows 8 Enterprise

I just installed my first GA instance of Microsoft Windows 8 in my lab, and I’m fairly impressed so far. I did however run into an issue where Windows would not activate. When I tried to activate I received the following error: DNS name does not exist Error Code: 0x8007232B

It appears that windows was looking for (by default) a Key Management Service (KMS) host on my internal lab network. Since my lab is merely a testing ground, I have not setup the KMS on any server.  So the solution in this scenario is to change the product key to a Multiple Activation Key (MAK).

Best Practices NFS Mount for Data Domain

I was recently setting up a DD160 for a small Oracle instance and came across an issue when trying to mount the data domain via NFS. I tried several variations of the mount command and realized that I needed to be very specific. Since I was simply using a basic mount command the OS was missing some vital information about how it should connect to the data domain. I also realized that even though this Oracle database is reletivily small, the NFS mount should still be optimized for performance. Below is the message I was receiving:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on datadomain:/data/col1/OracleBackup, or too many mounted file systems

The New #EMC #Networker

Today EMC is announcing the new Networker 8 via a webcast, so I decided that I will be blogging about it as I watch it so I’ll be posting some highlights and new features as I go !

It is Networker’s 22nd Anniversary and for the announcement EMC has done a racing themed webcast that is set in a racing garage. EMC is comparing the new Networker 8 to a V8 engine.

Some of the Networker 8 Highlights:

The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE

When backing up SQL databases using the incremental option the backup job fails with “The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE” This is because the recovery model of the database being backed up is currently set to “Simple”. To resolve this error you must either change the database backup type to full, or change the database recovery model in SQL to either “BulkLogged or Full”.
The new EMC Avamar 6.1 Microsoft SQL plugin feature actually detects the recovery model of the database and skips the incremental backup, places a message in the log and automatically promotes the backup from an incremental to a full backup. So you can also upgrade Avamar to version 6.1 to resolve this error as well.

Avamar 6.1 Unified Proxy Appliance for VMware

I’m going back over some of the new differences in Avamar 6.1 and am very impressed with the enhancements that Avamar now has with VMware image based backups. Before version 6.1 you needed a seperate image proxy for Linux and a seperate proxy for Windows, now with the new proxy design both Operating Systems have been integrated into one proxy. Not only does the proxy support both OS’s but now it also supports File Level Recovery to both OS’s where as Windows was only supported previously. To be more specific; the Unified Proxy now supports Windows NTFS, and Linux ext2, ext3, and LVM. The proxy does NOT support the following: Windows GPT Partitions, Windows Dynamic disks, Extended Partitions, Encypted Partitions, Compressed Partitions, or XFS.

Retractable buttons on a flatscreen ?

I just got done checking out the video below and I am very impressed. If this works well it will be a game changer. I remember living off of my Blackberry Curve and typing faster on that mini keyboard than I could on my laptop, and then purchasing an iPhone 3G. I had the hardest time adapting to that new keyboard that had no feeling to it. Now I am seeing an amazing combination of both worlds ! I will be one of the first to try this out. Very Cool !

EMC ICSEA Isilon Certified

Posting up the next certification as I’m now completed with 2 of 3 of my goal for the month. Didnt seem like there was too much difference on the training between the ICSEA and the ICSA, but I’m going to assume the technical certifications will be much different. I’m not one to hang up physical certificates on my wall in my home office, so I decided to make a certifications page on my blog so I can visually keep track of all of them. It will take me awhile to dig up all of the other certifications but I’ll go ahead and start with the Isilon certs.

Isilon Certified Sales Associate

Well its official, I’ve completed step 1 of 3 in my Isilon certification adventure. So I’m going to hang this up on my blog wall and I’ll be making room for the next couple here shortly.

Isilon Training

I’m going through Isilon certification courses today as well as joining a training class this morning. Starting to take a plunge into big data best practices. I’m also overhauling this website so please excuse the dust 😉