What are Clan Tokens in Advanced Warfare ?

December 18, 2014 Gaming Rob Steele

I’m just getting started / familiar with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Clans and noticed that there is a “Clan Tokens” metric. I’ve looked in multiple locations in the game and had to resort to search online for answers to what they are and what they are used for. I would assume they would be […]

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VMware CBT may not be giving your backups accurate data.

October 27, 2014 Technology, Uncategorized Rob Steele

If you are currently using VMware vSphere and you are utilizing CBT (Change Block Tracking) for you backups you may be at risk of bad backups. Luckily this issue only effects vmdk files that have grown over 128GB in size, so this should narrow down your scope of affected backups. This issue can be reproduced […]

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Shellshock Bash and Bashbug Vulnerability

September 30, 2014 Technology Rob Steele

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Heartbleed vulnerability with OpenSSL and how it has affected most of the applications and systems across the internet. Well a new vulnerability has appeared and is potentially much worse. While this vulnerability is new to the public it has been a “bug” for over 25 years […]

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VMware’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure Appliance: EVO Rail

August 25, 2014 Technology, Uncategorized Rob Steele

VMware EVO RAIL At VMworld 2014 this year, a new hyperconverged infrastructure appliance emerged. This appliance brings together storage, networking and compute for an easy to manage IT infrastructure. A simple and powerful appliance taking a large step in the SDDC direction. When you no longer have to manage hardware, you can focus more on applications and […]

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VMware Project Mystic – MARVIN Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance

July 28, 2014 Technology Rob Steele

Word on the internets is: VMware is coming out with a new Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance. I plan to use this page to centralize any and all information I find out about this appliance. The converged infrastructure market will hit $17.8 billion in 2016, up from $4.6 billion in 2012. Converged infrastructure will account for 12.8 percent […]

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OpenStack Icehouse Released Today

April 17, 2014 Technology, Uncategorized Rob Steele

The latest version of OpenStack called Icehouse was released today. New Features in Icehouse OpenStack Icehouse has nearly 350 new features that reflect a community-wide effort to bring the voice of the user into the rapidly maturing open source cloud software platform. Key themes this release cycle have been raising the bar on testing and […]

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Cisco Live 2014

March 12, 2014 Technology Rob Steele

Have you already registered for Cisco Live 2014 ? If you haven’t yet I recommend you do so now ! Besides all of the keynotes and tech goodies that you will get to consume you will not want to miss this years Customer Appreciation Event (CAE) featuring non other than Lenny Kravitz !!! So not only do […]

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EMC Avamar SSL Cert Generation

March 12, 2014 Technology Rob Steele

After completing a successful root to root Avamar migration I noticed that the old SSL certs were still being used. Through some digging I finally found a very simple and easy command to update it. The gen-ssl-cert command installs a temporary Apache web server SSL cert and restarts the web server. gen-ssl-cert [–debug] [–help] [–verbose] Note: You […]

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The Coolest Storage: EMC vFridge

January 31, 2014 Technology Rob Steele

If you went to EMCworld last year and watched Brian Gallagher’s keynote on Transforming Enterprise Storage to Create Business Value, you were one of the many that got a sneak peak of the prototype of the EMC vFridge. (If you didn’t watch it, here it is… skip to 38 minutes in) Watch on youtube The vFridge was […]

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vSphere Web Client Default Port

January 12, 2014 Technology Rob Steele

Open a Web browser and enter the URL for the vSphere Web Client: https://hostname:port/vsphere-client. By default the port is 9443, but this can be changed during vSphere Web Client installation.

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