VMware VDP Advanced 5.5 “Unable to find this VDP in the vCenter inventory”

A quick troubleshooting blog… I recently came across this error when deploying the VMware VDP appliance: “Unable to find this VDP in the vCenter inventory”

I took a look a look at the following log file on the VDP appliance:

The following entries were present:

[info] [process id: 4062] Hostname property is not present, querying and setting hostname.
[info] [process id: 4062] Output:Host name has been set to localhost.localdom

From these entries I realized that I did not setup DNS for the new appliance. After creating  the entries I rebooted the appliance and retried the configuration wizard only to see the same thing.  I’m assuming at this point (and confirmed via the admin guide; page 17) that the appliance deployment relies on the DNS entries. I removed the previous deployment and also provisioned the appliance from the web client on the second pass and was able to configure without issue.

Google’s Data Center

I’ve been in several of the largest and most secure data centers in the United States and it just occurred to me that as often as I use Google, I have never seen any of their data centers. I thought it would be fun to do some quick research and post about what I find here.

So where do we start ? Google.com of course ! It appears that Google has created a dedicated page to outline features in their data centers.