com.avamar.asn.NetworkException: Unable to connect to a login server

If you are having issues logging into avamar and you see the following message “com.avamar.asn.NetworkException: Unable to connect to a login server” then the issue is usually environmental. Avamar 5.x relies heavily on DNS and improperly configured DNS will cause this issue.

If you are using windows AD for DNS, then make sure that DNS records are setup in the same domain as the domain that Avamar was setup in. If they are and still having this issue, remove duplicate avamar records from subdomains. This should resolve your issue.

If the DNS server is unix/linux based case sensitivity is usually the culperate.

Why is my Avamar LCD Display Orange?

One of your EMC Avamar nodes are blinking orange, what do you do ? Well the nodes themselves are rebranded DELL 710’s (GEN3) and all have an LCD screen with general status.  The Dell servers also have a system event log (SEL) stored in NVRAM on the motherboard.  Certain hardware events will be logged here or in the alerts event log.  In either case, this will cause the LCD display to change from a pretty blue to orange.  The display will show some error text of the last message written to the SEL.  If the display is flashing blue, someone pressed the information button on the LCD display to identify which server you are working on in the rack.  Press it again to stop the flashing and it will turn orange if errors are present in the SEL.

Dell uses Open Manage to monitor the hardware.  You can use some Open Manage CLI commands to view the events and also clear the event and alert logs.  This will change the display from orange back to pretty blue. Viewing the logs will show you what is causing the problem.  Perhaps a disk has failed, there are Single Bit Memory Errors, the raid controller battery is bad or a power supply has failed.  Avamar support will only send a power supply, disk drive or the entire node to fix a problem.  Sometimes, a problem is intermittent and clearing the logs would be preferable to replacing the node.  Here are some of the commands.

Log on with root and type the following commands:

View the SEL log

# omreport system esmlog

View the alert log

# omreport system alert

Clear the SEL log

# omconfig system esmlog action=clear

Clear the alert log

# omconfig system alertlog action=clear

View the disk status

# omreport storage pdisk controller=0

View the server setup

# omreport system summary

Avamar Agent now standard on Iomega ix-12 array

EMC Avamar agents are usually not found running directly on storage arrays, until now. At EMC world Iomega gave a sneak preview into its ix12 array with a built in Avamar agent. The Avamar agent will allow for SMB remote offices to utilize Avamar’s deduplication features without requiring additional hardware.

Hello BURA world!

This is my first blog post, just breaking this thing in! You will see more Backup Recovery and Archiving posts as I get rolling !